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Today’s prompt created by poet Sage Cohen.

Personify Something and Invite it to Surprise You
Choose an object, any object. Don’t think too much about it. Just take what comes. Write it down.
Now quickly, off the top of your head, write down answers to these questions.

The object I chose – A Mug


This old mug wears no shoes.Eats coffee for breakfastlives in a two by four room

without any windows

It’s friends are fine

fragile things

who sing too loud

in public places

drink to excess


when its dark and lonely

any old mouth will do

my mug believes

in reincarnation

listens to new age music

loves the




of something warm

on cold winter mornings

in other words

this old mug

is a lot




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No prompt today, just randomness…



placed on


sandpapered down
to fit somewhere

they don’t belong.

wedging into


just when you think
you’ve got it solved

the puzzle

Poem#17 – This Flesh (Inspired by Pablo Neruda)

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This Flesh  (Inspired by Pablo Neruda)

Apart from this flesh

there is only love

nowhere else to be

the closest I have come to freedom

is your breath

the closest I have come to death

is being alive

we are the speed of light

in a bottle

yearning to be broken

your eyes are the memory

I have chosen to forget

photo credit: http://inspireplease.livejournal.com/542122.html

Poem #16 – pwoermd

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Today’s prompt was a lot of fun. This was my first time hearing about the wildly creative and addictive one-word poems (called pwoermd) from Geof Huth.

The challenge?

Read about the concept here.

Then: Invent a word for a body part you do not have and consider the result a poem.


I have a couple:



Poem#15 – First Spring

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Today’s prompt is from poet Christopher Luna:

Write a poem using the following words: kinetic, tendril, bliss, embolden, blossom.

First Spring

From rock

From rain

any close

green thing

swaying in it’s

kinetic bliss

I will mold you.



recoil to the touch.

Embolden the

soil with your


Make fertile

the world with

your cunt to the Earth

first blossom

first spring


photo credit: http://amplifierkvltist.tumblr.com

Poem#14 – Skin

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The prompt today comes from Shanna. The theme is “Pockets”. Although I didn’t incorporate it as a theme, I did manage to mention the word 🙂

You have
a history
a hood
like mine

and there is
a chemistry
between us

but there are the walls
paper thin at most

three degrees of


mine is more
of a worldly thing

my Stradford upon Avon
is just up the street

a shotgun house
from which they used to sell

my verses make fools bleed crimson
that shit that bougainvilleas
dream about

but I have never
even held a gun

yours is ocean and
pockets deep

universities bow
at your feet

I would transfer my affections
to your heart

if only you would accept
these life credits

Poem # 12 – Captive Audience

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Yesterday’s prompt, entitled ‘Triad’ comes from Gina Williams. From the prompt:

Write a poem incorporating last line of your favorite song, the main spice or ingredient in your favorite dish, and a geologic form (basalt, plateau, syncline).


I chose the song ‘Cannonball‘ by Damien Rice. The last line is ‘When you know that you just don’t know’. Favorite spice…love the taste and color of Turmeric. Sexy. Geologic form? Boulder.

Captive Audience

When you know that you just don’t know

It’s a sure sign that you’re paying attention

the sharps and flats of a life well lived

reverberate throughout the universe

every moment a divining rod

eyes trained on immortality

so i find pleasure in the seemingly mundane

slowly turning pages

savoring each line like a delicious sunday read

watching you spend hours

on this jagged Northwest beach

the wind reciting it’s poetry

an applause of waves

breaking against boulders

as the sun slowly sets

a brilliant swath of turmeric gold

Poem#11 – Delusions

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Today’s prompt comes from Shanna, and it’s a cool one. Just pick a postcard from  the blog postsecret, and write a narrative poem based on it. I chose a postcard from their archive:


She still cooks enough for two every night

just in case he decides to stop by

She got call waiting

so he’d never get a busy signal

His toothbrush and towel are still in the bathroom

because to throw them away

would be a confirmation

She pushes would be lovers away

in hopes that he’ll return

Somewhere across town

Where children play in the streets

Where the lawns are always

manicured and green

He gazes across the dinner table

at his wife

And for a brief moment he questions

the choice that he has made

Recommended Read – Best of Both

•April 11, 2011 • 2 Comments

Fellow blogger Athena has just had her short story Flogging Scarlet released in Xcite books’ anthology Best of Both. Read all about it here. There’s a sexy sample there too to whet your erotic appetites. I’ll be downloading my copy tonight 😉


Poem#10 – Lummi Island, Washington

•April 10, 2011 • 3 Comments

Today’s prompt comes from Sage Cohen, and it is in the form of a Mad Lib:


Lummi Island, Washington


Because I am not open to the possibility, I have the skin of a Jackfruit

that has spent its life dancing in the wind. Inside the fibrous pulp of the heart

I am torn and twisted. I cannot tell when the earth has shifted on It’s axis

even with eyes as beautiful as yours.


And when the atoms of the heart have split open like dreams

a gentle breeze will bring the scent into your garden

The yellow yarrows falling on the spinning floor are deceivers

conning each other with their drifting platitudes.


All the summers I have known have been tempered by fog

and the heavy as stone silence crossing the lines at night.




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