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Morning brings no

As your slender fingers
part the files of strangers
catalog the fruits of excess
in a dimly lit room
you remember how I parted you
just last night

Strangers enter your office
You smile, exchange pleasantries
all the while your thoughts never
from the way I entered you
just last night

Beneath your desk
your hand remembers

with your fingers against your clit
you trace a recently traveled road
one that I forged
with tongue
and breath
and words
of fire

Poem#30 – A Farewell to National Poetry Month

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Well, we’ve reached the end of 30 poems in 30 days for Nat’l Poetry Month! It’s been quite a journey, too. I’ve met some very talented writers, and read some amazing poetry. I’ve also pushed myself beyond my own self-imposed limitations, learned some new poetry forms, and participated in my first Chain Renga. I have to give a special thanks to Shanna for hosting Not Without Poetry, which, I’m sure was no small feat in addition to writing 30 poems. I haven’t kept up with reading all of the poems, so I’m looking forward to kicking back and catching up.

Peace & Poetry all!


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Poem#29 – Unconvinced Man’s Refrain (Haiku)

•April 30, 2011 • 2 Comments

Unconvinced Man’s Refrain (Haiku)

In truth, walking on water
ain’t that difficult
all you need do is believe

Poem #27

•April 27, 2011 • 1 Comment

Today’s prompt comes from Shanna:

Still Life


a steady hand

the artistry of knowing
just the right time
to turn,
push, pull
without breaking

two births
so similar in


worlds apart

producing a thing
of beauty

Recommended Read – Sex Advice from Poets

•April 27, 2011 • 2 Comments

“Let me read you some of my poetry” – Is this the best way to lose a girl?

My girlfriend thinks pornography is cheating so I promised to stop looking – but I didn’t. I feel bad for lying. How can I convince her that it’s not infidelity?

If “The Ezra Pound” was a sex position, what would it be?

Three poets tackle these questions and more at nerve.

Poem#26 – Taking Down the Lights

•April 26, 2011 • 2 Comments

Today’s prompt is from Miss Gina Williams:

Turn off the noise. Go to a window. Write what you see, feel and/or want in a stream-of-consciousness form.

Taking Down the Lights

Winter is the house guest that just won’t leave. The not-so-subtle cue of the sun, tulips and daffodils in bloom have done little to temper the icy chill in the air. Early morning across the way, smoke billows from the chimney, Christmas lights still hang from the roof. I want to tell them it’s fucking April, enough with the holiday crap. But I have to live next to these people for a while, so that’s probably not a good idea. But it makes me wonder, maybe we are the ones not letting go. Holding on to the things that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, even though their season has long past. Sometimes you gotta let go of the past in order to enjoy what’s around the corner. Or, maybe we’re just too goddamn lazy to take down the lights.

Poem#24 – Jasmine Revolution

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Today’s form prompt is brought to us today by Nikki Magennis. The form is called ‘Renga’, and is written by several poets (at least three), and is written over 36 verses, alternating 5-7-5 stanzas with 7-7 stanzas.  Each verse should relate to the previous one, whether overtly or obliquely. Read more about the format here.

This is the first Chain Renga I have participated in, and it was a lot of fun seeing the poem evolve. You can read the entire poem here.

Poem#23 – Vigil

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Today’s photo and written prompt is by  Kirsty Logan:

Write a poem in two voices: the girl and the bear.


You come to me

in lucid dreams

Your spirit assumes

many forms:






I hold this secret

to my breast

speak of it to

no one

they already think me mad

so i hide their poisons

beneath my tongue

and pillow

as you keep vigil

over me

Poem #22 – Discovery

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Today’s prompt comes from Shanna, and is in recognition of Earth Day:

Today is Earth Day! Explore our complicated relationship to Mama Earth by recycling. Find an old poem or two that you’ve abandoned and find a line, a title or a concept that really grabs you. Now use those to start a new poem, going in a direction entirely different than the original.

I chose to recycle the title of the poem ‘Discovery’ on my blog.



I had to learn to navigate
this new territory
re-invent the wheel down to
the grooves.

This path was an erratic
flat ribbon
winding it’s way all the way
across the forty

eight. There were others
Each as varied
as the crystalline pattern of
snowflakes Idling down and

Urban transplants
molding light
in fields as wide open
as dreams

Poem#21 – Keepsake

•April 23, 2011 • 5 Comments

Catching up with April’s Poem-a-Day posts, yesterday’s prompt is from poet Christoper Luna:

Go the website of your favorite poet. Copy the first line in their most recent post, and use it as the first line in your poem.

I chose one of my favorite writer/poets Sandra Cisneros, who’s latest post deals with grief and hope.


What to do with this grief today?

Bury the thorny knots beneath the ribs
until there is room for nothing else

turn the blinds, lock the doors
trash every song that made you feel

burn every shred of evidence
life was once worth living

no need
to hand over your keys to the house
or to the heart

the locks
have already been changed.

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